In his creations, Filippo Staniscia manages to give

new life to the icons of art and exhibition, allowing them

to dialogue with artistic periods and movements, with which

they could never have been compared with.

Sensations and emotions become shape, colour, matter,

and are used to translate the metaphysical concept of the

absoluteinto a visual representation, something which  corresponds

with his sense of faith.


Filippo Staniscia  is an Artist and a Designer in the purest sense of the terms. After achieving a degree in Architecture and Interior Design from the Benedetto Alfieri Art Institute in Asti, he furthered his studies at the Institute of Design in Turin, where he completed a Master's degree in Graphic Design. For over 30 years, he has worked as both an artistic expression Designer and a University Lecturer in Communication and Adobe Creative Suite, specialized in advanced Photoshop – both professions he has lived as true art forms.

In his creations, Philip Art manages to give new life to the icons of art and exhibition, allowing them to dialogue with artistic periods and movements, with which they could never have been compared with.  Hence, his art work abolishes the confines of time and space, to create a new dimension, made even more powerful by the iconographic importance of the characters portrayed. Sensations and emotions become shape, colour and matter, and are used to translate the metaphysical concept of the absolute into a visual representation, something which corresponds with his sense of faith.

His work captures your attention immediately, but what arouses deep emotions are the masterfully juxtaposed contrast between the digital tools and the warm colours, which express passionate endeavour and lyrical tension.

The innovative materials used, such as plexiglas and aluminium, convey his relentless search for original forms of expression.

As a Designer and Digital Imaging Specialist, he has collaborated with leading companies such as:

  • Petronas Lubricants Italy

  • Mitsubishi Motors Corporation

  • Libero Quotidiano, edited by Vittorio Feltri

  • Intesa Sanpaolo Banking Group

  • Il Sole 24 Ore Editorial Group


His art has excelled at important Italian and international events, such as:

  • Publication of some art works in the pages of the Mimmo Rotella Foundation

  • 'La Calunnia: La Gondola dei Folli', a contemporary grand tour from Venice to the Eternal City, in collaboration with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and hosted in the Monumental Hall of the Casanatense Library in Rome

  • CALL'ART International Exhibition of Contemporary Art in Venice, at the Scuola Grande di San Giovanni Evangelista

  • Triennial Exhibition of Visual Arts in Ferrara

  • Italy - USA: Art Exchanges, organized by the MIIT Museum of Turin, in collaboration with 33Contemporary Gallery and Zhou Brothers Art Center Foundation in Chicago


  • Anthropomorphic Signs, an exhibition with the Maestro Giorgio Celiberti on La Certosa island, Venice

  • Contemporary Visions, a solo exhibition in the historic Palazzo Robellini in Acqui Terme (AL)

  • EGOS IV, Contemporary Art Exhibition at the Royal Opera Arcade, London (UK)

  • AmARTI in Barcelona International Art Exhibition in Barcelona - Ada Art Gallery


He has also exhibited in Italian cities such as Milan, Treviso, Genoa and Asti, among many others.


Staniscia's innovative digital art has also attracted interest from daily newspapers such as: La Stampa from Turin,

La Repubblica, the Wall Street International Magazine, and art magazines such as ExpoArt Magazine Italia Arte and Artit, who have all published his work.


He has had numerous important meetings with influential people from the art world such as Vittorio Sgarbi and Davide Rotella, as well as great Maestros such as Giorgio Celiberti, Riccardo Licata and Luca Alinari.


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